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Office of Cancer Genomics

CTD2 Data Matrix/About Data

The CTD2 centers deposit their data on the open-access matrix below. The matrix stores the data released by the network, along with descriptions of technologies used in the data generation, as well as links to the centers’ web pages and contact information. Subscribe to the listserv (click here) or check the News & Announcements (click here) to stay informed about recent additions of data to the matrix.

How to Navigate the CTD2 Data Matrix

Each item within the data matrix is linked to more information. To learn more about:
Projects - click on a project title to see the description.
Centers - click on the name of the institution located directly beneath the project title to link to each laboratory’s website.
Experimental Approaches - click on the name of the method in the middle column for description of experimental approach.
Data - click on "Data Files" in the middle column to download the data. Questions/Comments - send an email by clicking on the Contact name.
                 Files from CTD2 follow GEO format at NCBI.

Project Title
Experimental Approaches Contact
Systems Biology of Tumor Progression
and Drug Resistance


Data Files

Kenneth Smith
Functional Annotation of Cancer Genomes:
TCGA, Glioblastoma and Ovarian Cancer


Data Files

Barbara Weir
Systems Biology of Tumor Progression and
Drug Resistance

Small-molecule screening

Data Files

Bruce Posner
Computational and Functional Approaches
to Validating Cancer Genome Targets

Comparative Genomic

Data Files

Jinyu Li
Targeting Causal Cancer Genes with

Small-molecule Profiling
Small-molecule Screening

Data Files

Paul Clemons

Aly Shamji
Systematic Development of Novel,
Druggable Cancer Targets

xenografts mRNA expression

Data Files

Jeff Kiefer

Data Release Policy

All data generated by this initiative are released in agreement with the data release policy developed by the Network.

The Data Coordinating Center

The CTD2 data portal is managed by the Data Coordinating Center (DCC). The Data Coordinating Center (DCC) provides resources for project teams actively involved in OCG research initiatives, as well as the scientific community at large. It is a single location where molecular characterization data from NCI OCG large-scale genomic projects are located and can be easily accessed. As such, the DCC ensures:

  • Central storage area for data generated for all OCG projects
  • Definition of the data types available
  • Uniformity of data files
  • Inclusion of metadata
  • Quality control of data files
  • Version control and a version index to provide accurate history of changes
  • Connection between the data and various analytical tools